Chin refugees release report

A report “DOKE KHA BON” Unheard Plight of Chin Refugee Women in Delhi was launched at Burma Centre Delhi office in Vikaspuri today. The report was released by Pu Kim, founder member of Burma Centre Delhi.

Pu Kim said "this initiative is commendable, there should be more such publication and documentation of atrocities and abuse of Burmese refugee women in their host country (India). This will help in sensitization and awareness of the plight face by the Burmese refugee women in Delhi”. DOKE KHA BON presents the true story about women refugees from Chin State, their experiences and struggles in Delhi. “This may not be the first report of its kind. Yet there has not been even a slight improvement in their situation which Pann Nu Foundation felt that it was necessary to retell their plights over again so as to sensitize the local population, civil society and organizations” said, Dr Alana Golmei, founder president of Pann Nu Foundation. The case study for this report was conducted by Pann Nu Foundation in collaboration with Burma Centre Delhi. The report also aims to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and the government of India as well as an attempt to put a stop to all kinds of discrimination and harassment the Chin women refugees in particular and marginalized women in general face in New Delhi. '


The Sangai Express