Burmese observe 8888 at Delhi

August 10, 2013: Around one hundred Burmese activists staged a protest demonstration today in New Delhi to mark the 25th anniversary of 8888 People Uprising for Democracy and Human Rights in Burma, which had occurred on August 8, 1988.


The protestors demanded the authorities concerned and Government to investigate and punish the culprits who committed the crimes and killed thousands of innocent people who were demanding democracy during the 8888 nationwide uprising.


The protest also rejected the 2008 Constitution and deamdned the drafting of a new Constitution in accordance with the democratic criteria and the people’s will.


The protest also demanded initiation of a genuine peace process in order to implement a Federal Union wherein the self-determination of ethnic nationalities’ own affairs are constitutionally granted.


“The day was historic and remarkable for the entire people who defied and overthrew the dictatorial regime under the ruling Burmese Socialist Programme Party in 1988. During the nationwide uprising, the military dictatorship headed by Gen. Ne Win killed thousands of innocent and unarmed peaceful protestors. Today it has completed 25 years. On that day, darkness overwhelmed the entire country; on the one hand, the light of democracy started entering into the people’s consciousness and wiped out the darkness,” noted Burmese activists M.Kim told Newmai News Network today.


Many demands that were demanded by the entire people during democratic uprising have not yet fulfilled, and the current quasi-civilian government has neglected to grant genuine democracy and human rights until now. And therefore, the democratic struggle has not come to an end yet, M Kim said and added, “We all have to march forward continually and fight for democracy and human rights in Burma/Myanmar”.


The Sangai Express