World Refugees Day Burmese refugees to stage rally World Refugees Day Burmese refugees to stage rally

June 21, 2013: Hundreds of Burmese refugees in India will stage a protest rally on the occasion of “World Refugees Day” at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Thursday in order to express what they have been suffering here in India.

“We, Burmese refugees in Delhi are facing numerous hardships in our day to day survival due to lack of financial, legal aid, healthcare and educational assistance. In Burma, our home country, we were harassed and tortured by Burmese Army and here in Delhi, we face difficulties of livelihood. Also the role of the UNHCR New Delhi Office is not satisfactory in terms of support for the Burmese refugees,” M Kim, a Burmese activist based in New Delhi informed Newmai News Network this evening.


“We are not in a position to send our children to school. Our women are harassed and raped by local people. When we approached the police, UNHCR and its implementing partner organization like Women Protection Center, Don Bosco and Social and Legal Information Center (SLIC) to report on such cases we were humiliated and 99% of cases were not registered,” M Kim added.


Kim also said in this present situation they do not trust the so-called quasi-civilian Government in Burma. “Immediate and timely arrangement for resettlement program is the only solution to secure our children’s future and our lives,” the activist stated.


Moreover, till date, the Burmese refugees in India have not seen any genuine efforts on the above mentioned important points by the Government. Moreover, what they have noticed is increase of human rights violations especially in the ethnic areas, Kim stated.


Kim said, “Therefore, on this very ‘World Refugees Day’, we are staging a protest rally in order to draw attention of UNHCR.


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