Press Invitation: 11th Anniversary of 34 Freedom Fighter

Press Invitation



10th February 2009

It's been 11th years since the 34 Burmese Freedom Fighters arrested in Andaman Island on 11 Feb 1998 and they are still languishing in Indian jail.

The 34 Burmese freedom fighters were arrested by a corrupt Indian intelligence officer, Lt Col Garewal who betrayed him and his own country. He was responsible for the death of six of the leaders. Currently, 34 Burmese freedom fighters are lodged in Presidency Jail in Kolkata. We demand to the Indian Government to release the 34 Burmese Freedom Fighters immediately.

On 11th Feb 2009, to mark the 11 years of illegal detention India, the India-Based Burmese Democratic Forces is organizing a protest demonstration in Delhi.

We request your strong support and solidarity for the 34 Burmese freedom fighters that has been in jail and request you and your news agency to send a photographer/reporter.



Date: 11th Feb 2009

Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Venue: Jantar Manter

Thanking you,

M. Kim

On behalf of 34 Freedom Fighters


Media Contact:

Mr. M Kim

+ 91 – 9810476273

Ms. Achan

+ 91 - 9868240809