Memorandum: 47th anniversary of 7-July massacre of the students in Burma

Memorandum of Burmese pro-democracy movement in India On the 47th anniversary of 7-July massacre of the students

Date: July 7, 2009


Today is anniversary of 7-July Day of Burma. Exactly 47 years ago, on July 7, 1962 over 130 students were protesting for better education in the students’ union building in the campus of Rangoon University. On the next day the historic students’ union building was dynamited and brutally killed the students inside by the army. Since that day students became the resistance symbol and used to spearhead the successive uprisings against the illegal military rulers. We salute all student martyrs.

There have been 1967 Arakan rice riot, 1969 Southeast Asian Peninsular Game student movement, 1974 workers’ strike, 1974 U Thant funeral, 1975 workers’ strike anniversary, 1975 Hmine 100-year event, 1988 nationwide uprising, 1996 Rangoon University protest, 2007 protest of 88-generation students where the students were at the forefront. NLD members sacrificed their lives in 2003 May at Depayin massacre. The monks are as brave as the students as shown in 2007 saffron revolution.

As inside peoples are yet to achieve freedom, the outside world tried to help. We are grateful to all responsible governments, world leaders, celebrities, Nobel laureates and NGOs for their strong support. However the Burmese generals are as ruthless and uncompromising as ever. A clear example is UN Secretary General’s latest effort which yielded no result. The people in charge of the country are committing the crimes against the people as the innocent Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was accused and charged.

The people of Burma are frustrated of UN’s failed efforts, stubbornness of a couple of veto-powers at the UN Security Council, ineffectiveness of ASEAN, irresponsibility of Non-aligned Movement (NAM) countries, and collaborators who are lackeys of the regime.

India’s total silence and Chin’s soft tone at this juncture are seen as their own versions of Realpolitik. But Machiavellian practice of depiction of foreign policy is not the case for all time. Business interest and reputation of a country will be better to work with a democracy. Therefore we again sincerely seek the support of India and China.

We also deplore North Korea which is helping for construction of underground tunnels and transfer of nuclear weapon technology to the generals.

Our position:

  • Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, U Tin Oo, U Khun Htun Oo, U Gambira, Min Ko Naing and all political prisoners must be freed immediately
  • 2008 Nargis constitution must be amended before the election
  • We support NLD Shwegondaing declaration of 29-4-09
  • National reconciliation not roadmap is the answer to all troubles of Burma
  • We call for all members of armed forces to side with the people

On this 7-July Day:

  • We appeal the people of Burma to fearlessly resist all unjust deeds of the regime
  • We want UN Security Council to act on Burma and urge China and Russia to refrain from veto exercise
  • We will be excited to see India as a responsible good neighbor
  • We will work harder jointly with all pro-democracy groups around the world

Keep 7-July spirit alive!


Mr. Kim,

On behalf of India Based Burmese Pro-democracy

W-Z – 109, Boddella, Vikas Puri,

New Delhi- 110018

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