Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister
Government of India

Date: 22nd July 2011

Subject: Condemning the supply of arms by India to the world’s most repressive military regime in Burma

Respected Prime Minister,

We are shocked and outraged to learn that Government of India has recently supplied arms and ammunitions fully loaded in 52 military trucks to the world most notorious Burmese military regime.

We the undersigned believe that India is a nation founded on sound democratic principles. And time and again our nation has proven to uphold the principles of constitutionally elected governments. Further as a nation committed to playing an important, if not pivotal role in maintaining peace in the region, it is unbecoming of a responsible nation to supply arms to countries known to abuse military power.   It also belies the recent welcome statement of your UPA government on US suspension of military aids to Pakistan that reads “heavy presence of arms would have disturbed the equilibrium in the region”.

As witnessed by United Nations and International community, democracy and human rights activists in Burma have been imprisoned, intimidated, tortured and put to death for demanding justice, peace, human rights and a democratic government. Presently, there are over 2,200 political prisoners in Burma.

It is beyond question that the Burma military dictatorship would use those arms and ammunitions against the ethnic minority and to assault its own innocent citizens who are struggling for justice, peace and democracy for decades.

If India’s interest is to have a good neighbor which is stable and democratic then India would be better advised to focus on long-term interests i.e. to restore a form of government in Burma that is compatible with present day needs for stability, growth and development within the region and beyond..

We the Civil Society Groups and citizens of India strongly condemn your Government for supplying arms and ammunitions to Burma's military dictatorship.

We strongly and sincerely urged India to support the Burmese people’s movement for restoration of peace and democracy in Burma.




Dr. Alana Golmei
Burma Centre Delhi (BCD)